About Us

The Oklahoma Traffic Engineering Association (OTEA) was founded and established in 1966. It is a professional association whose primary objective is to achieve safer and more efficient transportation on the streets and highways of Oklahoma through the use of traffic engineering principles in the planning, design and operation of all traffic facilities. In early days, the association consisted primary of traffic engineers.

Current Board Members

  • President:
  •    Jack Stewart, P.E. (Canadian Co Commissioner)
  • Vice President:
  •    Lauren Parrish Ludwig, P.E. (ODOT)
  • Directors:
  •    Marco White (ODOT)
  •    James Welch, P.E. (City of Oklahoma City)
  •    Marty Pinkley (Pinkley Sales Company)
  •    B.J. Hawkins, P.E. (TEC)
  • Past President:
  •    Kristie Drury, P.E. (OTA)
  • Secetary/Treasurer/OTEField Editor:
  •    Angelo Lombardo, P.E. (City of Norman)

2016 OTEA Spring Meeting

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